AMAVA drops new sultry track ‘Jungle’

Rising artist AMAVA has returned with her latest fiery single ‘Jungle’. Fuelled by electro-pop melodies and stylised, distorted vocals, the track is powerful, punchy and really makes a statement. Influenced by the likes of Charli XCX, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lorde, AMAVA gets playful with her sound whilst delivering introspective lyricism in which she opens up to her listeners.

AMAVA notes “Jungle is about the empowering space between ending a relationship and falling into someone new. I didn’t want to write a ‘this person was terrible and I’m gonna be with someone better than you’ kind of song because not all relationships end horribly and need some sort of chaotic, upswing rebound. I didn’t want to write a break-up song, I wanted to write about feeling alright wanting someone new.”

Take a listen to the track below: