American Standards’ release striking tune “The Dealer”

American Standards’ “The Dealer” is a powerful and emotive track that showcases the band’s unique and captivating perspective. The song is shaped by the band’s experiences of losing their guitarist to suicide and the vocalist’s father to cancer. The sense of loss and emotional turmoil is evident throughout the track.

The song opens with a chaotic and noisy riff that sets the mood perfectly, and as the song progresses, the instrumentation builds to a crescendo that perfectly matches the intensity of the lyrics. The lyrics themselves are socially poignant and they detail the band’s inner thoughts and feelings of loss and anger. The song’s themes of emotional turmoil and the desire for change are relatable to anyone who’s ever experienced the loss of a loved one. American Standards’ vocal delivery is raw and emotive, and they sing with a sense of urgency that makes the listener feel like they’re listening to something truly special.

The lyrics are easy to understand, and they’re delivered with a real sense of honesty and vulnerability. The band’s chaotic metal/noise punk sound is fitting to the themes of the song, it adds a sense of anger and frustration that adds to the overall impact of the song.