Anaté’s latest single ‘Confusion’ is façade-smashing dark electro-pop at its finest

Dark electro-pop duo, Anaté, threw away the guise that so many of us uphold with their latest single ‘Confusion’. Through the upraising vocals, there’s an inspiring demonstration of freedom gained through facades smashed.

As advocates for authentic expression, Anaté proved that there is no vulnerability in the admission of confusion. The nature of uncertainty and doubt manifests in the instrumentals as the single runs at a tremulously fraught pace by kicking up a reverb-laced glitchy meditative storm with hints of alt-hip-hop biting through the downtempo ambient electro.

In the stylish, matured soundscape orchestrated up by singer-songwriter, Ana, and producer and songwriter, Andrea, dark nuances creep through the mellifluous progressions which run through with a hint of 90s nostalgia, but in its essence, ‘Confusion’ is a stark showcase of the lockdown-born duo’s ardently contemporary artistic vision.

Anaté’s single, Confusion, is available to stream via Spotify.
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