Anna Bea tackles ghosting on upbeat new track

Rising Singer-Songwriter Anna Bea reveals her latest single, a bittersweet pop track ‘Ghosts’. The track tackles the subject of being ‘ghosted’ by someone you’re dating, and draws on Anna’s personal experience.

“I was getting ready to go on holiday with a guy I was dating and was so excited and nervous,” explains Anna, “The day before our Eurostar train was due to leave for Paris, he stopped replying to my messages. I figured he was busy and we could catch up on the train. But the next day, I got to St Pancras station, bags packed, and waited for him, but he never showed up and I never heard from him again.”

The experience left Anna feeling both hurt and humiliated, but she has since channelled these feelings into something positive, by writing ‘Ghosts’ – a song which will be relatable to many. The song is about how easily people can go from being close to becoming ghosts and how ghosting has become so normalised in our society. 

“‘’Ghosts’ is about how being ghosted can make you second guess and question yourself, and everything you’ve done, wondering what you’ve done wrong and if you’ve missed something along the way. It’s about how it will make you relive every detail and moment a hundred times in your mind, hoping that somehow that will change the outcome.” Anna says. “By the end of the song, I turn the situation around by taking control and letting him go, and realising that I can do better. He ghosted me until he became a ghost to me.”