APW releases passionate R&B single: ‘JUNIOR VERDE’

Finding new ways of writing songs about relationships is hard, but APW has a refreshing method. Telling the tale of a lover chase a dangerous lifestyle, the narration comes in the form of an R&B tune which includes Latin-inspired brass, Jazz sensibilities and a Gospel backing, all glued together by his own mastering. 

Talking to us about the track, APW tells us: “The track’s inspiration comes from watching my ex chase life on the hedonistic treadmill, never satisfied. Then hitting up his dealer “junior verde” for a high. The track’s sound is heavily influenced by the narrative, with the key changing after every chorus to represent another joint being smoked. I used Latin inspired percussion (as my ex is South American) and also grinder and lighter effects to create a soundscape underneath the lyrics, as well as creating some airy backing vocals.”

It’s clear to see that APW can tell his story well, often packed with a punch in amongst his dreamy harmonies and bitingly honest lyrics, and we urge you to check him out.