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Art Of Shades teams with Sylo Nozra for new track ‘Undone’

Art Of Shades has joined forces with the Toronto-based vocalist Sylo Nozra for a brand new track titled ‘Undone‘.

Undone‘ opens its arms with warm atmospheric keys only to be met with Luscious deep basslines and endearing vocals. Nozra tip-toes somewhere between smooth hip-hop flows and soothing R&B style singing giving the track an infectious woozy tone. The visuals for the track are stunning. The pair performs in front of a neon-lit setting with additional shots of them cruising through the night in a similarly lit vehicle. Watch the video below.

Art Of Shades, real name Leonardo Dessi, hails from France with an extensive background in piano – the same musical background which now sees him offering complex and melancholic atmospheres through his electronic music production.

Connect with Art Of Shades below.


James Cooke

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