Artimes Prime delivers a genre-defying hip-hop infused treat with ‘Beer & Cookies

Artimes Prime, the Philadelphia-based emcee, has dropped his latest studio endeavor, “Beer & Cookies,” an album that defies conventional genre boundaries and showcases Prime’s bold musical vision.

In this audacious fusion of Pop and Classic Hip-Hop, Prime demonstrates his ambitious ear and songwriting prowess. The album’s title, “Beer & Cookies,” reflects the unexpected blend of these two disparate genres. “‘Beer And Cookies’ is an example of two things that don’t typically go together,” Prime explains, encapsulating the essence of his genre-bending approach.

Reflecting on the album, Artimes Prime shares, “The inspiration behind this project was simply a desire to challenge myself and make music unlike the kind I’ve made in the past. Usually, my music is ‘politically conscious’, and while this project still has some introspection and social commentary, there is also a whole other part that leans into Pop-Rap and party vibes.”

“Beer & Cookies” features a dynamic mix of melodies, social and political commentary, and carefree, celebratory raps, all set against the backdrop of hard-hitting beats produced entirely by Digital Crates. With this release, Artimes Prime solidifies his position as a versatile and innovative artist in the hip-hop landscape, pushing boundaries and defying expectations with each track. Check it out now at Music Crowns.

Stream “Beer & Cookies” here: