Ascending soulstress Harleighblu dazzles in latest single ‘Stuntin’

Reaching deeper into her undeniably infectious tone, Harleigh provides yet another display of her earthy and soulful artistry on this new track. Gliding over the instrument-tinged backdrop professing her love for her partner while throwing in a few flexes here and there, resulting in a sexy, feel-good bop that is bound to get you moving and feeling empowered. 

Speaking on the single, Harleighblu states: “Stuntin’ to me means no F’s given, showing up and also showing off. No person, man, mood, friendship or situation-ship standing in your way, glowing up, feeling good and living your best life, no matter what – and we need a bit of that after this year. When we wrote it in Nashville USA, I was in a place in the world I’d always wanted to go to, doing something I love,  and felt like I was living my best life at that moment. I was free, where I was meant to be, doing what I was meant to do. Not a care in the world. This song captures that feeling! It’s a positive, empowering, feel good track for everyone.”