AstroYeti drop fun-filled psychedelic funk-rock debut ‘Long Road’

Cronch Town Records have a new signing on their already brilliant roster, and they go by the name of AstroYeti. Combining very unique genres of psychadelic, rock, funk and and ska, this trio somehow manage to make it work with style. Their stunning debut ‘Long Road’ seems to break all of the rules, and that’s what makes it such a compelling listen from start to finish.

Unsurprisingly describing themselves as “a secret society of Space-Caper solving time crime fighters”, that exactly fits the bill of AstroYeti. There’s pretty much everything involved, heavy baselines, organs, funny backing vocals, a brass section, drums and of course a vocal that leads by example. This vibrant offering covers all bases, and will surely appease all music lovers as they is literally something for everyone in ‘Long Road’. The musicianship is showcased in the breakdown section where the band bring it down, before exploding into a blinding guitar solo. Check out AstroTeti for yourself, as there are only so many words to explain this music that stands alone.