ATMoney drops new mixtape ‘EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING’

Egyptian-American artist ATMoney digs deep on their new mixtape ‘Everything Is Everything’. Raised between Queens and Brooklyn, the poet, author and rapper draws inspiration from their life and the world around them on the gritty and authentic new offering, that sees their endless flow and slick production elevate their lyricism to new heights.

Speaking about the release, they say: “”Everything Is Everything” is my breathing culmination of life experiences that not only I have lived, but have been blessed to witness and experience.” 

Growing up and listening to the likes of Mobb Deep and Notorious B.I.G, Money knows exactly how impactful music can be, and a melting pot of inspirations can be heard on “Everything Is Everything”, swinging from melodic bars to deep, introspective cuts. ATMoney is quickly proving that they have a lot to offer, and we can’t wait to hear more.