Award-Nominated Singer ROZZZQWEEN Is Back With ‘Lost 4 Wordz’


ROZZZQWEEN is definitely a name that we’ll hear again in the next few months. The soul/R&B singer from Birmingham but currently based in London is slowly but surely making a name for herself in the music scene. From the beginning, she has been taking inspiration from big musical names such as Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse or even Billie Holiday and incorporating that into her own sound. ROZZZQWEEN has built her sound based on life struggles and trauma she experienced and is not afraid to express her vulnerability through music.

Cultivating a strong connection with her hometown, she was invited to perform at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham during the Summer and sang during the Birmingham Music Awards 2022 where she was shortlisted for best R&B and soul act. Even though the singer is now in London, she likes to affirm that being from Birmingham is what has “carved her sound”

With her new song ‘Lost 4 Wordz’, she is spreading a message of female empowerment. Indeed, ROZZZQWEEN sheds light on the pressure women have to go through while trying to prove themselves to a man. This song is an anthem to the women who are tired of changing themselves for the likes of a man.


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