Azure Wolf bare their teeth in the arcanely dark indie single, ‘Black Fur’.

It is easy for Shoegaze fans to feel pessimistic as they wonder if they will ever hear an authentic take on the genre ever again, but Azure Wolf shine through the assimilation with their latest dark indie single, Black Fur.

The fiercely poised vocals from Victoria Backle put a new spin on the Alt 90s sound as the guitars cut through the reverb-doused soundscape with haunting precision and the same cavernously angular feel as Slowdive, Interpol and the National.

Lyrically, Black Fur comes with the same powerfully dark imagery as you will find on the Manic Street Preachers album, The Holy Bible. With lines such as, “You’re too pretty for this, that’s what he said, oh honey, you’re wrong”, even if you can’t find the resonance, you’ll get to the chance to shift your perspective to a more realistic one.

Black Fur explores the disassociation which follows from trauma; it shows that sometimes, there is no coming out of the other side as the person that you were. The process disconnects you, changes you, and Black Fur isn’t always your archetypal, ‘I came out stronger’ narrative; it hits far closer to home and recognises the pain and alienation which follows life-changing personal experiences.

After making their debut in March 2020, Azure Wolf have proven that they have got what it takes to become as much of a success story as the likes of Wolf Alice and other contemporary alt-indie luminaries.

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