Bailey James Releases New Music Video ‘The Crow’ Dedicated To Her Late Brother

Bailey James has created yet another musical masterpiece. This one holds a special place in her heart as it is dedicated to her late brother Zane. A crow is an animal that means so much to Bailey. It is the creature that her brother felt the most drawn to during his life. A crow represents change, and whenever she sees one, it always comes at the perfect time. She knows it is time to refocus or find a new direction. ‘The Crow’ is a song about her spirit animal inspired by her loving brother, Zane Koehler, whose spirit forever flies on. In his honor, Bailey also started her own mental health/suicide prevention awareness movement, The Finally Free Movement. 

‘The Crow’ starts out slow and suspenseful with a steady strum of the guitar. Bailey utilizes a soft and beautiful tone quality as she begins the first verse. Soon after, she seamlessly crescendos through the bridge and into the chorus passionately and with full force. She hits a stunning vibrato while she belts, “So fly for me, fly for me, tell me where I should go.” Ultimately, this song tells the narrative that you will find guidance and good even through the worst times. 

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