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Baltimore Rapper And Producer Neru Thee Fourth Fugee Releases ‘The Almanac’ Album

Hailing from Baltimore in America, Neru Thee Fourth Fugee is a genre-bending lyricist, vocalist, composer, producer and activist, who has just released her brand new album titled The Almanac, lead by previously released singles ‘C-Spine’ featuring rising star Deetranada, and ‘Rouge’ with Compton rap queen Ill Camille.

Often described as reminiscent of early Funkadelics with facets of the legendary Lauryn Hill, while firmly operating in her own lane, Neru Thee Fourth Fugee mixes elements of hip hop, neo-soul, funk, ambient and psychedelic music to create the unique sound that you will be able to hear on this The Almanac album, which was produced in full by Neru and her Hippy Trippy collective.

Her last project was the 2014 double EP Enlightenment Era, and for the past four years, she has been touring across America, opening and performing alongside the likes of Danny Brown, The Roots, Oddisee, IDK, Princess Nokia, and Dan Deacon, to mention a few. With her comeback album, Neru continues to stand out with her abstract lyricism, transcendental harmonies and trance-like kaleidoscopic melodies.

Speaking about the inspiration behind The Almanac album, Neru Thee Fourth Fugee says, “I’ve always had the idea of creating a musical Almanac to shed light on significant events and astronomical data throughout history. The Almanac is a collection of history, paradigm shifts, cosmic happenings, philosophical ideas, biblical theories and current events. ‘The Almanac’ is an assortment of ideologies that are left up to the listeners own devices to interpret”.

Listen to The Almanac album in full below:


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