BARRON unveils heavenly debut single, ‘Where Do We Go’

Combining lush soundscapes, intimate vocals and heavenly production, BARRON has arrived on the scene with a bang, sharing his debut single “Where Do We Go.” Having spent most of his childhood in athletics, BARRON’s love for music was initiated after he attended Bonnaroo for the first time with some of his friends from college. BARRON tragically lost his mom and brother in a car accident as a child, and reminiscing back on those dark times, music was one of the things that helped him find comfort. Thus, he strives to inspire hope and uplift anyone who listens to his tunes.

“Where Do We Go” is a masterfully-crafted song, perfect for listeners of artists such as ODESZA, Rüfüs Du Sol and Shallou, who make up some of BARRON’s most important sonic inspirations. Starting off with nostalgic melodies and organic instrumentation, “Where Do We Go” is filled with exciting moments and a stunning vocal, before exploding into an emotional drop that we can’t get enough of.