BBC 3’s The Rap Game UK winner LR Loose continues his momentum with latest track, ‘Schumacher’

LR Loose - Schumacher

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After his last banger ‘Goten’, UK’s Rap’s most exciting figure LR Loose is back to take what’s his and move the needle in his career with latest single ‘Schumacher‘. Following notable success on the BBC Three show The Rap Game UK Season 5, ‘Schumacher,’ is a perfect fusion of modern grime and melodic instrumental built of airy synths and a saxophone sample lighter than air. LR flaunts his effortless skill set with this one, his first move before he shares the accompanying and tastefully made music video. Thankful for the growth and success that has defined his life over the past few months, LR wants to make it known that he has landed on the scene and ‘nothing is off limits’.

LR Loose is a dynamic, emerging force in the UK music scene, hailing from the vibrant borough of Lewisham. From his early days, LR has been pushing the boundaries of music with his versatile flow and distinctive wordplay. Influenced by the gritty sounds of UK Grime, LR began making music at the young age of 14, sharing his raw talent through freestyle videos on YouTube and various social media platforms – marking his presence as far back as 2013. Now at the age of 25, LR Loose has evolved his sound, delving into an eclectic mix of genres. He seamlessly blends the energy of UK Drill with the soothing tones of smooth Jazz which enables a unique sonic experience for his audience. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Dave, Cadet, and Krept & Konan, LR Loose takes immense pride in his musical versatility and meticulous attention to detail. His dedication to his craft caught the attention of audiences nationwide when he became the first-ever ‘bombshell’ contestant on Series 5 of The Rap Game UK in November 2023. LR’s unmatched lyricism, unwavering consistency, and fearless approach secured his victory, earning him widespread acclaim from viewers. As LR Loose sets his sights on 2024, the future holds boundless opportunities for this emerging artist. Get ready because Loose Season (#LooseSzn) is on the way.

Stormzy, Dave, Cadet, Krept & Konan, Knucks

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