BEA KADRI releases debut album ‘No Love For The Long Distance’

“No Love For The Long Distance” is Bea Kadri’s debut album, coming out on July 13th. The album is inspired by the artist’s own experience in a five year long distance relationship that witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions. It takes you on a relatable journey through 11 tracks; that gradually convey the evolution of their story from sweet start to downfall to liberation, showcasing Bea’s versatility in songwriting and delivery as she portrays complex feelings playing both the victim and the villain. This album also includes her debut in Arabic singing & songwriting in tracks like “Ruthless Ma Ber7am” & “Liberated”. Bea started working on the album during quarantine, the chapter where the long distance became more challenging to save, and she did so by diving into collaborations done mostly online with producers & artists from around the world: LA, Stockholm, Dubai, Beirut, London & more. Some of the tracks on the album still have the raw heartfelt demo vocal takes from her home studio, tears and all.

The focus track “Come Over” is an R&B/Pop song that describes a relatable wishful thinking moment, post-break-up, where Bea wants to remember only the good and entertain the idea of getting back together for the 100th time – a feeling she quickly sobers up from to pursue her independent empowered path. This takes the album into a healing journey with empowering anthems celebrating liberation in the second half of the story. 4 songs from the album “No Love For The Long Distance” have official music videos, with 3 already released on Bea’s YouTube channel and the 4th one for the focus track “Come Over” coming out on the same day as the album release date. The rest of the songs will all have strong conceptual visualizers that reflect the album storyline in its different phases.


The release will be supported by a thought-out content calendar covering all of Bea’s social channels, pushing the album release forward and featuring track by track interview videos with a deep dive “Behind The Long Distance”. The campaign rolls out with teaser posts starting the last week of June and extends until late August.

Bea Kadri is a rising Lebanese independent singer-songwriter based in Dubai. She first made her debut in 2018 with “Cloud 9” and has consistently been releasing records since. The soulstress writes & sings about self-discovery, empowerment, and all matters of the heart, creating an original R&B POP chill and sultry sound. Bea has been featured on publications such as GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Regional Artists Spotlight, Emirates Woman, Khaleej Times & editorial playlists such as Spotify’s “New Music Friday”, Apple Music’s “New Artists: Middle East” & Anghami.