Beat the Drum Announces Gritty Revolution with New Single ‘Before the Fall’

On June 14th, Beat The Drum released their much-anticipated single ‘Before the Fall’, marking the band’s first offering in 2024. This track delves into the ever-growing influence of technology on our daily lives. Known for their eclectic blend of genres, the band strikes a balance between raw, rhythmic guitar play and steady, electric arpeggios. Contrasting their past hits, this new single layers steady brass accents and fill-heavy drums with an underlying sense of urgency, culminating in a powerful chorus of backing vocals. The song’s theme of humanity versus machinery shines through, making it a standout in their discography.

Reflecting on the new release, Beat the Drum explains, “We wrote ‘Before the Fall’ about this period as AI develops beyond our technological age into the information age. The period in which technological advances define social, economic, and political life. As we start to know less and leave the thinking to machines, we become just dumb monkeys without the fun,” the band shares. “We were working on a very insistent raw guitar riff, which had this punky energy and attitude that developed into our cover of ‘No More Heroes’. The original version of the song had a lot of Widdley keyboards and guitar noodling, which we have dispensed with. Stripped back to its bare bones, the attitude and spirit shine more brightly in this powerful and energetic song.”

Beat the Drum, comprising writers and producers Chris Calloway and Steve Murrell, formed as a five-piece in West London during the late eighties. Their early years saw them active on the club and small venue scene, releasing critically acclaimed vinyl singles and albums that flew under the mainstream radar. After the original lineup fragmented, Chris and Steve continued making music under various names, including Crasherama in the nineties, before reuniting as Beat the Drum in 2016. Since then, they have released several albums and singles, establishing themselves as independent songwriters. From their studio on the outskirts of the UK capital, Beat the Drum continues to evolve their sound without the constraints of genre or expectation. Their mission statement, ‘WE MAKE THE RULES’, embodies their approach to music, ensuring complete artistic control over their work. With numerous projects on the horizon, the band promises a mix of beautiful, powerful, and intriguingly weird new music that fans won’t want to miss.

‘Before The Fall’ is out now…