Benedict releases compelling new single ‘Wake Up’

Rising singer-songwriter Benedict has released their compelling new single ‘Wake Up’, providing an empowering anthem that calls for humanity, resilience and empathy in the face of oppression. Released today via Tomboi Records, produced by Dean Tuza (The Rubens, Mossy) and mixed by Lee Groves (Madonna, Depeche Mode), Benedict’s haunting vocal appears alongside swelling strings and soft synth pads on this nuanced track.

Through the song’s ebbs and flows, listeners will be gripped by Benedict’s emotive lyricism and stirred to action through the powerful production. The release also includes a music video co-directed and choreographed by Benedict, Andy Chappell and Kelly Thomas, portraying evocative footage of poignant protests. ‘Wake Up’ is proof that Benedict is set for great things. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind ‘Wake Up’, Benedict explains, “‘Wake Up’ is a people’s anthem.  I saw a need to speak out for all peoples, all nations with the shocking things we have witnessed over the last few years, through government issues, wars, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter and injustices for the LGBTGIA+ community.  We all fight one another, but what is the truth?  The truth is that we are all human.  If we can come together, break down fear, lies, and fight the division, we will be free.”