Bergfilm share their dreamy video for ‘Nostalgic Love’

Bergfilm have shared the video for their dreamy track ‘Nostalgic Love‘.

The sound of Bergfilm can be described best as a journey through landscapes of sounds. The synth-heavy ‘Nostalgic Love‘ is a mesh of creaking bass and dynamic drum rhythms laced with darkly and catchy vocals and winding arpeggiators. The Joscha Bongard-directed visuals follow the relationship of two elderly bar-goers across a number of different neon-tinted settings. Check out the video below.

The band’s album, Constants, was heavily inspired by 80s music and was recorded in its entirety with old tape machines. The production perfectly matches their dynamic approach and provides the melancholic, darkly shimmering but also dancy and pulsating songs with an enormous depth.

On their debut, Constants, Bergfilm manages to achieve something that other artists are looking for their whole careers: they use sources of inspiration, modern ones such as Mount Kimbie, Caribou or Editors and older ones as Doobie Brothers or the early Phil Collins to create something new that shines in its own facets.

Constants is available now worldwide. Follow Bergfilm via their socials below.