Bestial Mouths unleash haunting music video for ‘The Knife’

Get ready to step into an emotional rollercoaster with Bestial Mouths’ music video for ‘The Knife’, which we exclusively premiere here at Music Crowns.

‘The Knife’, which is taken from their most recent album, R.O.T.T. (inmyskin), is a deep dive into trauma pop that begs to be danced to. It draws you into that emotional vortex of shared ekstasis, which is as accessible as death, while continuously drawing you back into the darkness of reality and teetering toward the light.

Lynette Cerezo, the voice and soul of Bestial Mouths, is a very menacing figure. Her captivating performances transport spectators to intensely emotional voidic visions on stages all over the world. Since their founding in 2009, the core of Bestial Mouths has been a combination of live acoustic and electronic drums, analog synthesizers, and her voice with a wide range of genre influences, including darkwave, industrial, post-punk, New Wave, noise, metal, and other underground sounds.

Bestial Mouths showcase their profound commitment to their music which infusing genres together alongside Cerezo’s haunting voice. ‘The Knife’ stands as a testament to their artistic heritage, with great visuals and an excellent production.

Watch it now: