BLENDIN’ERA unleashes electrifying new single “All I Wanna Do”

From the heart of Germany emerges the eclectic music collective BLENDIN’ERA, setting the airwaves ablaze with their latest double-sided single featuring “All I Wanna Do” and its pulsating B-side “Seven Dreamer.” Comprising the creative forces of Rick T. (aka DJ Abstract), Castor Troy, and Rob Fischer, BLENDIN’ERA is a dynamic collaboration that transcends borders, melding genres, and bringing together a diverse array of talents, including vocalists, producers, and visual artists from around the globe.

Dive into the rhythmic waves of “All I Wanna Do,” a kaleidoscope of electrifying beats and soulful melodies. This musical journey captures the essence of liberation and living in the moment. With its infectious chorus, smooth verses, and the mesmerizing vocals of Laura Lopez and SaDBoy, “All I Wanna Do” becomes a sonic anthem for beach escapades, road trips, or leisurely home chill-outs. It’s a track that demands a permanent spot on your playlist, tempting you to hit that replay button endlessly.


Switching gears, “Seven Dreamer” unleashes an explosive dance anthem that commands the dance floor. Thumping basslines and exhilarating drops characterize this track, showcasing BLENDIN’ERA’s artistry in weaving pulsating rhythms and dreamy synths. “Seven Dreamer” beckons dreamers from all walks of life to unite under neon lights, dance till dawn, and surrender to the night’s electrifying energy. Crank up the volume, immerse yourself in the rhythm, and let this track be your guide to an unforgettable dance experience.

Behind BLENDIN’ERA lies a rich history in the music industry. Castor and Rick, who founded their dance label ‘Energized,’ achieved Top Ten Gold Hits, laying the foundation for their musical journey. Rob joined forces, and BLENDIN’ERA was born. Their debut single, “This Love,” and subsequent release, “When The Word is Running Down,” garnered widespread acclaim across press, radio outlets, and online platforms. Now, with “All I Wanna Do” and “Seven Dreamer,” BLENDIN’ERA is poised for greater heights, promising an exciting trajectory with more releases in the pipeline.