Blizz Club releases self-made rock magic with “THE DARK.”

German-based rock group Blizz Club have just released, ‘THE DARK.,’, the first of three tracks from their upcoming EP ‘22.’ As they sing the refrain “Welcome to my room in which I’ve died a thousand times/ and was reborn,” it becomes clear that their vulnerable songwriting is not only relatable but powerful. The song is cinematic, but clearly based in the rock vein of Arctic Monkeys, Måneskin, BAD NERVES, and LEAP. .

Blizz Club includes Stoly (Vocals/Bass), David (Lead guitar), Bennett (Drums), and Ermal (Guitar). In 2022, the group won the German Emergenza Contest. Their influences include everything from punk to an Italian “cantautore” style. “22.”, their EP,  will feature tracks they have played live this past year as a way to “immortalize” the songs from this era of their career, while also “letting them go” to the fans.

This single was entirely self-recorded and self-written, coming to fruition in a studio in a barn. The hands-on collaborative experience is a hallmark of the group. They hope the song shares the message, “We all know our demons, they put us through so much. You got to tell them to shut up when it’s your time to shine.”