Bonobo releases ‘Break Apart’ featuring Rhye

Bonobo, the British master of eloquent, immersive electronic music has released Break Apart’, building up suspense for his sixth album Migration’, which is due January next year on Ninja Tune. To top it all of, the track features the totally characteristically hypnotic vocals by Michael Milosh of Rhye.

The song operates on two levels but works together in perfect low-key harmony. On the one hand, the instrumental narrative expertly crystallises Bonobo’s desire to escape the urban hustle and bustle – adopting, in his journey, a migratory bird’s-eye view of a sonically panoramic landscape. Cleansing, waterfall-like blend with a delicate, languid electronic dance following this travelling bird’s quest in the twilight. In this undulating, seemingly floating blend, Milosh joins to sooth the mind and comfort the heart, delivering spellbindingly weightless vocals.

This combination of sound and a desolate, otherworldly landscape, forming before you with each passing verse, has been the trademark of bands like Iceland’s Sigur Ros. But here, the now LA-based musician showcases his skills, interweaving the trials and tribulations of the urban soul into sublimely transcending beats. Break Apart’ digs deep.