Boy Untitled gives us a flavour of his dreamy world with the video for his new track ‘Zenith’

Boy Untitled is known for his dazzling strain of alt-pop and his latest track ‘Zenith’ is no exception. Opening up with atmospheric, glowing synth sounds and building up into a pulsating electronic, pop track, Boy Untitled doesn’t stop there. The video features crystal-clean visuals and irresistible energy in an ethereal, other-worldly setting that powerfully puts across Boy Untitled’s image in the most undeniable way possible.

Discussing the video, director Andrey Frazão explains:

“When I first heard the demo version of Zenith, I immediately saw so much potential for Mark and me to create something together. Zenith flows through several different vibes that really inform the aesthetic. It’s dreamy and poetic, but also bold and energetic. Structuring the performance to be a single take while capturing high energy, group choreography alongside of private, intimate moments resulted in a video that feels clean and minimalist, yet visually satisfying and nostalgic. In addition, the looks were inspired by Rick Owens’ summer 2017 runway, to bring a touch of futuristic, monochromatic texture. Zenith was a really fun project to be part of, mainly because I really believed in the song immediately when I heard it, and because I believe in and adore Boy’s Untitled as an artist. I think the freedom that I was given to direct and develop the concept allowed us to create a piece of art that we are both proud of.”

Video Credits

Director – Andrey Frazão

Choreography/Dancers: Brooke Partain, Lucas Hive 

Stylist – Lateef Abdullah

Hair/Makeup – Jordan Masuret

Wardrobe – Ashton Michael

Set Photographer – Lucas Francisco

Production Support – Vittoria Naify