Brandon Ambrose and Daniel Huttlestone release ‘Forever 21’ in memory of a departed friend

Live Twice Recordings showcase their first release from Brandon Ambrose and Daniel Huttlestone today, 14th May 2022 with ‘Forever 21‘.

This song is written in honour of their friend, Zino, who committed suicide on New Year’s Eve aged 21.

This song is for anyone who has lost someone they love, in memory of your loved one.

The release comes during Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 (9-15 May). This year, the Mental Health Foundation are raising awareness of the link between loneliness and mental health issues. We must address loneliness together in our communities and across the whole of society.

You can help support this year by donating to help programmes like: Picture This, The Perthyn Project, Covid Response Programme & Refugee Programmes, who persevere for good mental health for all.