Break Fate break through the mould with indie pop rock anthem ‘Change the World’

Break Fate are the combative indie pop duo Mashana and Ricky. The pair have an explorative genre spectrum and unleash this into their multi-genre sound that is highly satisfying to the ears. After building up their sound, they released their debut album in 2020 and instead of slowing down, have not stopped. Their audience will be delighted to see they have not just continued releasing, but are now on the verge of releasing their first EP.

New single from it ‘Change the World’ is exactly what this ever growing band are all about. Intoxicating and full of so many chord progressions and guitar lines that you will love, there is a real indie tone with a pop underbelly that will appeal to so many. Then there’s lead singer Mashana’s vocal, which holds so much power and vigour that literally demands your attention. And with an inspirational and uplifting chorus that leaves a real hopeful message, you can imagine this being sang back by crowds ll over the UK and hopefully beyond. The sky is the limit for Break Fate, and ‘Change the World’ is surely another stepping stone to it.