Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L releases airy new single “Aquarius”

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L hasn’t had an easy journey to get to this point in his career. After being involved in a drag racing accident, he found himself questioning his path, and become more and more drawn to being a musician. He spent hours upon house in the studio to perfect his craft, and the outcome is a unique and signature sound. Smooth flows and mellow tones are the main components here, and they’re sure to entice you in.

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L’s new track “Aquarius” is an irresistible and atmospheric new offering. The track features a trap beat that’s minimalistic, but impactful and cuts through the mix. In between lies a swirling pot of melodies, a mixture of eerie synths and backing vocals merge together to create a colourful wall of noise. Tinged with melodies, the track features crisp bars that are signature to Breon’s sound.

Elaborating on the meaning of the track, Breon shares:

“This is a song about a sex flashback I had. Aquarius is the sign I romantically usually find myself dealing with. As a Virgo I’m not sure how we keep attracting each other but hey, it’s life. The bass line is also just super dope.”

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L has already received a warm reception to his music. His previous work has seen support from the likes of EARMILK, Wordplay and Niji Magazine among others. With much more material in the pipeline, we can’t wait to see where he’ll take it.