Bright Young People get pulses racing with debut single ‘Lie in the Sun’

North Welsh band Bright Young People have burst onto the alt-rock scene with their electrifying debut single ‘Lie in the Sun’, making a real triumphant entrance to the industry. Made up of band members Lee Dean Dawson (frontman and guitarist), Casey Lee Ingram (drummer), Carl Foulkes Jones (lead guitarist) and Jack Lewis Jones (bass), the four piece unite their individual expertise to make something seriously energising and repeat worthy.  

Discussing the track, Lee Dawson reveals, “I suppose it means I’m looking at everything around me, the rich and powerful taking everything and not giving us a share. I have a go at that I think in parts and it’s also about being bone idle I suppose.”

With lots of exciting plans for the future, the band’s tour dates are yet to be announced, and the outfit also have some fresh releases up their sleeve that they are ready to share with the world very soon. It’s looking like this is the start of something big. Take a listen to ‘Lie in the Sun’ here.