Brother Leo delivers his stunning debut album ‘PoP Poetry’

After spending the last few years dipping in and out of the spotlight with a scattering of fresh and vibrant alt-pop gems, Brother Leo finally crossed the first major milestone of his career as he releases his eagerly-awaited debut album ‘PoP Poetry’.

Featuring a whole host of high-profile collaborations with the likes of Fred Gibson, Björn Yttling, and Fatboy Slim to name but a few, ‘PoP Poetry’ cements the rising star as one of the more exciting names emerging right now. Jam-packed with his bright and enigmatic approach to songwriting and production, this initial collection makes for a brilliantly warm and inviting listen from start to finish.

Speaking about the new record, he said, The making of this album has in many ways been a healing process, a wake up call, a slap in my face, realizing what really matters and what is truly meaningful to me as a human, songwriter, and artist”.

On this album I question everything from the music industry and myself to society at large, and the search for something more (or at least something different). “Hello Life” is probably one of the songs that best describes the search and journey that I’ve been on these past years. Or “A Friend In Me”, a song featuring Ola, i.e. me. ”A Friend In me” is a conversation with myself – a song about forgiveness, acceptance, and becoming whole”.

Listen to Brother Leo’s debut album ‘PoP Poetry’ below.