Burgeoning RnB artist Senses unleashes his highly anticipated debut anthem ‘Girl I Love You’

PreSave Here | Release Date: 31st May

Nigerian singer songwriter Senses bursts onto the scene in emphatic fashion with his highly anticipated debut single ‘Girl I Love You,’ – a heartfelt profession of Senses’ love for his partner even in difficult times. Following an argument with his girlfriend and her leaving for a week, Senses was distraught and penned his feelings of longing and loneliness in the form of this RnB track.’ ‘I wasn’t able to do anything and I felt very bad for having let things go that far. And when she returned, I vowed to give her my best of everything and never let us be apart – not even for a day, again. So, as a way to tell her how much I love her, I came up with the song.’ Drawing directly from such a personal, intimate theme is what makes ‘Girl I Love You,’ so beautifully authentic and a track that you shouldn’t miss out on – the perfect introduction to this emerging new artist.

Enter the enchanting world of Senses, the musical alter ego of Nwankwo Sampson David—a Nigerian-born, South African-based singer-songwriter whose artistic prowess knows no bounds. From the age of just13, Senses has been weaving tales of love and longing, his pen dripping with the kind of poetic finesse that belies his years. With a broad spectrum of influences ranging from the soulful croonings of Lionel Richie to the timeless melodies of Phil Collins and the masterful lyricism of Claude Kelly, Senses prides himself on his storytelling capabilities and the enduring magic of his melodies. His debut single, “Girl I Love You,” invites listeners on a journey of romance and reverie, his velvety vocals enveloping them in a cocoon of warmth and affection. But beneath the surface lies a deeper purpose—a commitment to giving voice to the voiceless, to championing the cause of true love in all its forms. For Senses, music is more than just a means of self-expression; it’s a vessel for empathy, a conduit for connection. His stage name, chosen upon him by friends during his high school days, speaks volumes about his innate ability to perceive and understand the world around him. With a keen sense of observation and a heart full of compassion, Senses is poised to make waves in the world of music, one heartfelt melody at a time.

Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, Claude Kelly