Byron Mark evolves on new global single ‘Burbujas’

Multi-faceted artist Byron Mark releases stunning cinematic visuals for his new euphoric ambient global single ‘Burbujas’.

The single is the first release of the year from Byron after a six year hiatus. Honing in on his craft, ‘Burbujas’ is a piece that is inspired by the ocean and remnants of Spain. The Spanish title literally translates to the word ‘Bubbles’.

And just like bubbles, the song rises and falls in the air with the piano and strings melody depicting the soothing sound of the waves captured in the video. The sound and warmth of the bubbles and white foamy water as it races over the sand.

“The concept of the video was proposed by my good friend Tessa Tran. After hearing this vision I realised I had the perfect piece of music for this. It all worked out quite beautifully,” said Byron. Byron’s music intertwines effortlessly throughout the video, creating a perfect match for the dancers movements. Filmed by Gavin & Niyatti Libotte, the video features contortionist Julie Cameron and aerialists Matilda & Eliza Goslett; accompanying Byron graciously whilst he sets the scene with his music.

The pizzicato in the string section imitating little bubbles that pop in and out of the water and the grand nature of the ocean inspiring the soaring main melody, coupled with the girls’ exquisite choreography, really brings the music to life.