C-MO Releases Sensational R&B EP ‘APEIRON’

C-MO describes the context for his recent EP ‘APEIRON’ as stemming from “the desire to retrospectively analyse and understand his inner and outer struggle, as a human, from his individual perspective.” APEIRON, which translates to ‘void,’ explores the deeper and darker side of R&B and C-MO’s artistry itself.

C-MO is an Amsterdam-trained, Bulgarian-based singer. With his band Funky Miracle, C-MO has opened for UK superstar James Arthur, performed at Nord See Festival, and has collaborated with a host of renowned artists, including Japanese guitar Kazuki Isogai and producer TromBobby. As a finalist on The Voice of Bulgaria, C-MO’s rich musical journey has resulted in the release of his stunning latest body of work. 

Coming off of the back of his last EP back in 2022, ‘APEIRON’ is an effortless evolution for the rising artist. Speaking on the interesting title, C-MO says, 

“Apeiron” is an abstractvoid, something that cannot be described according to the Ancient Greek pessimistic belief for death (Nothingness). I strive to reconcile this idea of “the indescribable” with the apparent ever persistent laws of “change”.

The R&B landscape of the EP is captivating, with classic rhythms and drum lines made modern by C-MO’s unique tone and harmonies. The opening song “PINK DELOREAN” sets the tone with spacious synths and trap-inspired drums. As the EP evolves, C-MO explores punchy and upbeat areas of R&B, floating between the slow-jam sound and fast-paced, energetic realms of the genre. “HELLO” propels the EP to new heights with Bulgarian pop and soul icon Preyah lending her smooth vocals on the track. ‘APEIRON’ concludes with “SPEND ME”, a tribute to the romantic ballads of R&B. London-based singer Lili lends her captivating vocals to this track, perfectly complimenting C-MO’s vibrant and powerful vocal persona. 

C-MO says on the creation of the EP, 

“Creating this EP, I think I achieved what I set out to do – learn more and get acquainted with all of the phases in the creation of a piece of music. On the way I found peace in the total authority and creative freedom an artist possesses in the moment of writing and creating music, be that in a seclusive or collaborative environment.”