Camila Knight has just unveiled her debut EP ‘Uplifted’

Camila Knight is a singer-songwriter that is currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

She has just unveiled her debut EP ‘Uplifted’, which marks the beginning of a new chapter.

A crossover between electropop, alt pop, dance and indie pop, ‘Uplifted’ encompasses a wide range of genres.

Defiant modern pop blends in the intimate stardust arrangements with the powerful, anthemic choruses. A merge between unapologetic big pop melodies with meaningful lyrics.

‘Uplifted’ begins with the upbeat ‘Angels’ that grabs our attention with stirring vocals and catchy pop melodies, the track concludes with powerful guitar riffs.

‘Home’ has a mellower feel to it as Camila Knight delivers poignant lyrics.

‘In My Mind’ delivers another upbeat pop arrangement whilst also showcasing more of Camila Knight’s impressive vocal range.

‘Brave’ has a real anthemic feel to it, which positions it as a catchy dance track for sure.


Camila concludes her debut EP with ‘Familiar Places’, which has a melancholic air about it.