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Canadian trio Bad Pop release video for latest single ‘Slow Riser’

Canadian ‘tongue-in-cheek’ trio Bad Pop are back after their 3-year hiatus finally returning to finish what they had initially started back in 2017. The release of their upcoming single ‘Slow Riser’ is a restless revival tearing into the very same worlds of pop, pop-punk and rock that the band had previously set out to tease. Exploding with grit, attitude and discontent but restrained by front man Chris Connelly’s peculiar vocals mirroring the style of Black Francis’ from The Pixies, ‘Slow Riser’ acts as a certainly potent play button to a previously paused project.


“Slow Riser is about someone in their thirties who won’t grow up. His body is getting older and his hairline is fading but he’s still hanging around the party. No Career prospects and committed to living a life void of any responsibility. Are we mocking or romanticizing that? Probably a little bit of both. But the hangover is going to be pretty brutal.” says Chris Connelly.

Check it out here:

Having spent the best part of a year in the shadow of COVID-19’s agenda, Bad Pop have had plenty of time to reflect on their time away from the industry, as Connelly echoes, “The lockdown has actually really simplified life for me. The restrictions forced all of us to notice things we might have missed before, not just societal stuff, but things in our own lives. I found myself stuck in my apartment with all these songs, and ideas kicking around and just started working on them. It’s actually been freeing to work on stuff without charting the course of world dominating. We’re trapped in our apartments, but our songs can roam free.”

Stream ‘Slow Riser’ Here:

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