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Catching up with Shaé Universe

Shaé Universe is an RnB artist who has been on a sharp rise since her 2018 single ‘No Stallin’, and each following single has showcases Shaé’s versatility and flair for crafting a sultry RnB bop. This time around, Shaé has released ‘You Lose’ which is matched by witty artwork of Shaé replicating the Mona Lisa. The tune is emotive, poignant and is arguably her best work yet.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Shaé to see how she is getting on during lockdown:

Hi Shae, how are you finding lockdown?

Hey guys 🙂

You know what, lockdown has actually been amazing. I’ve still been making a lot of headway with my music by the grace of God, and even released a quarantine visual for my latest single You Lose 2 days ago in celebration of my 25th birthday. The visual was a compilation of footage submitted by over 100 women all around the world who liked my song and wanted to be a part. Definitely one of the highlights and most meaningful accomplishments of my lockdown so far!

Has this period helped or hindered your writing?

I feel like this period has definitely helped my writing in the grand scheme of things. Though I struggled with bouts of writers block towards the beginning of lockdown, I feel like being forced to be still with myself ultimately gave me a clearer sense of my writing style and musical choices.

What is the most important track that you have written and why?

The most important track I’ve written is a single called ‘Melanin’ which I released in 2016. This song was inspired by the Sandra Bland police brutality case and I feel it’s my most important piece of work to date because it is forever relevant. The song was purposed to remind my people of their worth and I think that message will always be necessary.

What do you do when you’re not writing music?

Most recently reading, taking in nature/people/different art forms, working out or eating lol.

If you could curate a 3-day festival, who would headline each night?

Ooooo this is a hard one but off the top of my head I would say

Night 1: Burna Boy – for the culture and because I believe the energy he brings to his performances would pull in any and every crowd

Night 2: Beyonce – because Beyonce

Night 3: Meeee 🙂


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