Catterina Reminisces On Romance Before Heartbreak In New Single ‘Waiting’

‘Waiting’ is a brilliantly melancholic indie-pop track backed by a pristine, acoustic driven soundscape that wistfully looks back on the good times of a past relationship.

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Catterina delivers heartbreaking poetry in her new single, “Waiting,” out December 3rd, with an acoustic version releasing 17 December 2021. Catterina’s decadent vocal performance absolutely entrances listeners on this folk-kissed, indie-pop track; her warm, silky tone offers a colorful depth that shines with a mesmerizing brilliance as she painstakingly explores the complex emotions inherent to heartbreak. Behind chilled lyricism steeped in melancholy, the warmth at the core of Catterina’s voice offers a soothing charm while the artist opens up about her deepest sorrows. She meets listeners with elegance and poise on ‘Waiting, all the while never once sacrificing the rawness of her lyricism. The result is a gorgeously somber heartbreak anthem reminiscent of artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Adele, and Maggie Rogers.

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