Cellz releases soulful anthem ‘When I’m Back’ in collaboration with Fatbabs

Cellz hails from Munich, and has become known as someone able to build upon his influences and passions to release incredible music. What sets him apart is his skill in collaboration, taking his teamwork to a global scale. This ability has led him to acclaim from publications and radio alike.

The latest from Cellz is a new single in collaboration with Fatbabs entitled ‘When I’m Back’. The track is upbeat and optimistic with lush, vibrant instrumentation and bouncy drums. The colourful horn section is the standout instrumentation here, with the effect of the saxophones taking the texture to another level. Other elements include heartfelt keys and warming bass. The vocals are passionate and pleasing, with well-penned lyricism to boot. Overall, Fatbabs’ renowned beatmaking is a brilliant pairing with the soulful style that Cellz brings to the table in all elements of his music.

Talking about the new single, Cellz shares: “When I’m Back has come a long way, you know. Honestly, the vocal arrangement and lyrics were written in a flash, but we saw massive potential in this track. So, we decided to take our time, pour in all our love and dedication, to make it as huge as possible. I absolutely enjoyed the journey and I’m really looking forward to working on more music with Fatbabs and his team!”

‘When I’m Back’ is out on streaming services now! Check it out below: