Celtic Noir artist Forest makes impactful debut with single ‘Kingdom’

Brandishing a unique musical style which she has coined as ‘Celtic Noir’, independent newcomer Forest makes an impactful debut with her new single ‘Kingdom’. Her fairylike vocals deliver dreamy harmonies, dusting a sense of lightness over the dark and haunting production. Crafting a bed of moody synths, atmospheric backbeats and shadowy bass, ‘Kingdom’ is infinitely enchanting.

With lyrics alluding to mystical activity and the power of nature, ‘Kingdom’ lures listeners into an otherworldly realm where ancient history and the supernatural merge. Inspired by the likes of Lord of The Rings, Vikings, The Last Kingdom, and The Witcher, Forest creates a sound perfected for sync placements. This cinematic track marks the start of a promising artistic career for Forest. 

Discussing her new single, Forest reveals: “The journey to this point has been an extremely difficult one. I’ve struggled for years to find and create a sound that I felt came from within and represented the artist I wanted to be. (other creatives will get me on this, it’s hell on earth when what you’re making isn’t translating from what’s on your heart) It’s taken a huge amount of time, effort, support and battling old belief systems to get here, to finally share something I’ve created and to share it on my birthday is hugely significant for me. I cannot believe I’m finally releasing my debut original single and I am so grateful to the people that never stopped believing in me, who have ultimately got me to this point. Now, the fun begins.”