Charlotte Rosse reveals stunning version Dua Lipa’s hit ‘Hallucinate’

Charlotte Rosse has revealed her stunning take on Dua Lipa’s ‘Hallucinate’. The song will feature on Charlotte’s upcoming EP, a collection of acoustic and stripped back covers, plus her own original song ‘Raise A Toast’.

Charlotte said: “While choosing songs for my acoustic EP I wanted to pick one song that everyone knows and is currently on the radio with a potential to be rearranged in an unexpected way. I decided to take on the challenge of making a soulful track out of Dua Lipa’s dance style Hallucinate. While creating this reimagined version I was inspired by 90s pop and soul of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. I adapted this song to the way I sing and we kept it raw by having live piano, string quartet, bass and percussion instruments.”

Operatically trained, Charlotte’s dramatic, grandstanding voice is a lightning rod of power and control.  She was discovered at the age of eight, winning a national choral singing contest in her native Poland, and going on to study opera at the Academy of Music in Lodz. Suffering mental abuse from her teacher, she fled to London and worked as a receptionist while enduring many of the traumas the city can present to a young woman, she realised that contemporary music is where her real passion lies.

Now based between London and Monaco, Charlotte’s life is only one breakthrough song away from being a fairytale, with all the dark moments they involve. This is reflected in her music, as unique as you’d hope from someone who has chosen to tell her story via pop rather than get caught up being an operatic prima donna, as fate seemingly had decreed.