Chaz Cardigan reveals compelling new single ‘We Look So Good’

Offering a profound take into social commentary, charismatic singer and songwriter Chaz Cardigan has just unveiled his brand new single “We Look So Good.” Written during the COVID-19 lockdown, the uplifting yet thoughtful single touches on patriotism, inspired by Chaz Cardigan’s initial anger towards the way the U.S. treats its working class, immigrants and its sick. As the artist explains about the single:

“‘We Look So Good’ is about the fantasy that the United States is doing great, and that it has redeemable qualities. This toxic idea that you can’t leave a partner because you make sense together, and it’s so comfortable… even if the relationship is terrible and you fight all the time and you never get along. ‘I can change them, I know it!’ I struggle with that in patriotism: whether it’s better to go down with the ship or to hop off and admit that it’s not salvageable.”

Sparkly and infectious, “We Look So Good” is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Chaz Cardigan, who proves time and time again how well-versed he is as a musician and songwriter. Growing up in a mid-western town in Kentucky, the visionary artist aims to use his music to touch on topics other artists might shy away from. He released “We Look So Good” via NVAK (pronounced “nuuh-vaak”, which means “to play music” in Armenian), which is a socially-driven talent incubator and record label that aims to create a safe ecosystem for women and non-binary artists in the music industry, especially striving to support creators from Middle East, West Asia, and North & East Africa, where building a career out of music is especially difficult.