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Chaz Cardigan teams up with the gifted for impactful single ‘Feels Like I Know You’

With a huge collection of tunes out already and an unmatched talent in combining all his different influences into a distinct and vibrant sound, Chaz Cardigan is definitely a soon-to-be pop-star. The young artist, who was listening to the likes of Nsync, Michael Jackson and Queen throughout his childhood years in Louisville, received classical piano lessons before teaching himself how to play the guitar, bass, and drums.

Following the success of his Vulnerabilia EP, that was released back in 2020 via J.J. Abrams’ Loud Robot imprint, as well as a number of infectious singles, Chaz Cardigan has now returned with his first single of the year, sharing “Feels Like I Know You.” The uplifting yet thoughtful cut was co-produced and co-written by The Gifted, and discusses the unnatural way social media makes us think about other people. Filled with bright bells, groovy piano chords and anthemic vocals, it is arguably one of Chaz Cardigan’s most impactful singles to date.

“Social media really nurtures this desire we all have to be seen, and to find intimacy with strangers. You see someone’s life in pieces every day on your feed, and your brain puts them all together, like, ‘yes, I know them, we’re close! Just yesterday they went for a drive to their parents’ place.’ We’re all guilty of becoming friends with people who have no clue we exist. “Feels Like I Know You” is about that disconnect between following someone at a distance every day, and the easy, honest jump in logic to considering them a friend — or more. The weird consequence of everyone being a brand is that everyone, famous or not, we’ve all got these parasocial bonds with total strangers now; I really wanted to follow that idea to its extremity. Everybody’s a stranger, so no one’s a stranger; ‘1’s and 0’s, it’s just as real as skin.’” explains Chaz Cardigan.


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