CheyHawwt Unveils Dreamy R&B Gem “Up In It”

Following her debut single “The Sun” in 2020, which was followed by her EP ‘Let’s Never Meet Again’ a couple months later, CheyHawwt has now just returned with her new gem “Up In It.” A soothing and mesmerizing R&B anthem, that combines warm bass grooves with otherworldly vocals, “Up In It” does an amazing job at putting CheyHawwt’s unique skillset on display, and solidifying her as an artist to watch.

“Up In It” comes alongside an incredible detailed and stunning music video, which marks CheyHawwt’s first high-profile visual work. Created by Ghost Hallmon, it follows the talented artist, her bandmates and her friends in a dreamy party filled with colourful lights, flowers and good vibes. Make sure to check out CheyHawwt’s “Up In It” and stay tuned for more music from the emerging artist.