Chicago singer-songwriter RJ Griffith has released a new seven-song EP titled ‘A Good Day…’

RJ Griffiths

The idea for ‘A Good Day…’ stemmed from RJ’s fight with depression after he lost his job as an educator with Chicago Public Schools in 2016 due to budget cuts. He decided he needed to take a stand and start being more positive about his current situation and life in general; recognising that maybe losing his job was a sign to give him more time to work on his music.

Shortly after, RJ started working on new music and after releasing some smaller projects, he unveiled the first single for his new EP, the title track, ‘Good Day’ on January 12, 2018. Since its release ‘Good Day’ has already garnered quite a few accolades including being played on two Chicago radio stations (Rejoice 102.3 Chicago and 106.3 Chicago’s R&B), being featured on ABC 7 News Chicago’s ‘Something to Dance About’ segment and recently becoming the new theme song for Fox Good Day News in the Chicago, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. markets.

RJ’s goal with ‘A Good Day…’ is to provide upbeat music to help spread positivity around the world and to encourage people to chase their dreams. His feel-good music style has already opened doors for him to speak and perform at multiple events, including the Project Outreach & Prevention on Youth Violence Fundraiser, the Developing a Better You Annual Teen Conference, the Chicago Matters Showcase at the Black Women’s Expo, multiple Obama Foundation events, Operation Rainbow Push events, school assemblies and anti-bullying conferences. Additionally, speaking at these events inspired RJ to start his own 501(c)(3) non-profit called Positive Vibes Only which serves primarily as an open mic/social club for local youth and gives them a chance to show off their creativity in singing, dancing, spoken word, comedy, acting, and more in a judgment-free zone. The organisation also provides free educational sessions for youth once a month such as group vocal lessons, acting classes, mental health coping skill sessions and anti-bullying sessions. Positive Vibes Only holds community events such as back to school book bag drives and holiday food drives as well.

RJ has already been told by multiple people that the EP title track, ‘Good Day’, has helped make a difference in their lives by putting them in a good mood to start their day or in a better mood when they’re feeling down, and he hopes the rest of the songs on this new project can have the same kind of impact. RJ sometimes misses his job working as an educator, but has already made more of a difference than he could have ever imagined by turning to creating music and helping people all over the world make every day a good day!

Check out RJ’s new music video for ‘Won’t He Do It’, the third single off of his ‘A Good Day…’ EP.


“I created my new A Good Day… EP in hopes of spreading positivity to people through my music and based on the amazing response I’ve received from the first single, ‘Good Day’, I’ve already started to accomplish this goal. Many people have told me that the song puts them in a good mood to start their day, or helps them feel better when they’re feeling down. This is the reason I started making music and I hope the rest of the songs on the EP can have the same effect!”RJ Griffith

Let’s hope RJ’s positivity and light spreads into 2020 and we see this young R&B singer-songwriter use his powerful voice to touch the world even more so.

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