Chicago’s DJ G-String rattles our senses alive with the steaming 5-track EP, ‘In the Mirror’

Formally the singer, bassist and lyricist for the local rock band, Digging4Julie, DJ G-String is a Chicago, Illinois-based vocal house DJ who makes that club-friendly music that sends you into an alternate universe of discovery.

In the Mirror immediately affirms DJ G-String’s motivation behind the EP. It is a triumph of a euphorically-charged soul and displays inexplicable dexterity in the always immersive amped progressions.” ~ DJ G-String

Slamming the door on the past with real sass and feet-sliding vigour, DJ G-String shows us what 2022 should sound like with a heat-filled performance that has that easy-to-spot determination and her incredible skill set busting through our shocked eardrums. She certainly delivers for all dance fans who were waiting for something extra like this, to shred the walls down and to get the party started again.

In the Mirror’ from the prolific Chicago, Illinois-based vocal house artist DJ G-String is a 5-track release that shall bring you back to the speaker-smoking days you have desired in your dreams, as we are treated to something rather bright-lights loaded. She is simply in the zone and you will feel that your body is telling you to ditch your previously dull plans for the weekend and get into a venue that has her music on full blast. Your soul demands it.

Hear this new sizzler on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Lu