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Claudillea returns with the stand-out track ‘Requiem’

After a year of adversity, fear, loss and hardship, Claudiella is ready to leave it all behind and uses new song “Requiem” as the vessel to say goodbye to a testing period of time.

“Requiem” is a shimmering example of how Claudillea manages to fuse her operatic vocal stylings with modern day alt-pop to create genre bending music completely unique to her. Claudiella’s range is completely bewitching as it soars over an assembly of gleaming synths and an addictive pop infused melody.

“‘Requiem’ features excerpts from ‘Pie Jesu’ from Faurè’s ‘Requiem’. A requiem is a funeral mass and the Latin text asks for Jesus to ‘grant them rest’. I don’t think of this as a religious song, it’s more that I wanted to make a funeral for 2020”, Claudillea explains. “For most people across the world it was a very difficult year, but I wanted to highlight that we made it through – so let’s put 2020 to rest. It is my first step towards my vision of breaking down music boundaries by bringing standard operatic vocal music into the world of contemporary music.”

Claudillea has seen a meteoric rise to fame since she stunned the judges of The Voice UK with her modern reimagining of Queen Of The Night Aria. Following her emergence into the limelight she has since set up base in London where she continues to push the boundaries of genre with her hybrid releases.

Claudillea is on a mission to make the art of opera more accessible to a world wide audience and abolish its status as an exclusive genre. In her own words, “For me, the opera world actively excludes certain demographics, and I want the new generation to not squirm when they hear it”.

2020 was a huge year for Claudillea and 2021 is only set to be bigger as she continues on her journey to stardom.

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