Cody J. Louis shines on his debut single ‘I’m Alive 4 U’

Cody J. Louis is a fresh face on the music scene, cemented with his glittering, debut single ‘I’m Alive 4 U’. Cody’s mellow vocals and atmospheric harmonies create an electrifying melody over pulsating synths. This is a track with serious chart potential, and the singer, producer and actor is rapidly proving his creative force.

I wrote this song on March 12, 2020 when the corona pandemic was peaking and we were put in lockdown. For the first time I had time to ease my mind and reflect on the past like many others. It made me realize that I’ve been living my life like a robot since I was 14. My time at high school wasn’t always nice, and that year specifically was the worst. After many days of not seeing the use of living, I’ve made the decision with myself to choose to live for anyone but me. This way life became bearable. If something bad were to happen I could tell myself that I’m on this earth for my parents, friends, family and even people who I haven’t met yet. I wasn’t living this way anymore.

It inspired me to write this song. In a way I think it’s a hopeful song besides the sad story, and I hope it can change the mindset of people who are struggling to get through the day. I myself am not living like this anymore, and I see life differently now. But there are many who are still struggling. Especially my generation.

I didn’t want to make the song sound sad, so I produced it in a poppy, yet powerful, way. This way it can resonate lyrically with the people who need it, and musically with everyone. Because who doesn’t like synths, right?”

The track certainly delivers a dose of melancholy whilst being a certified banger- we’re so excited to hear more from Cody!