‘Come on (Up for Air)’ is the inspiring, motivational new single from Versonic

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This fresh new single entitled ‘Come on (Up for Air),’ is born from the ingenious minds of talented rockers Versonic – a diverse blend of differing elements plucked from a broad range of musical origins; aspects of US heartland rock are drizzled magically throughout with a core sound rooted in the 90s Britpop wave. Flaunting a dense mix embellished with the intricacies of gorgeously melodic vocal harmonies, panned acoustic guitars and driving drums and bass, ‘Come on (Up for Air)’ is rich in a variety of timbres which pay credit to the band’s remarkable ability to fill out a sonic soundscape. The song’s predominant inspiration was drawn from something that band leader Stephen Connor heard motivational speaker Mel Robbins say – ‘YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS LOUD AND CLEAR: NO ONE IS COMING. NO ONE. IT’S UP TO YOU.’ Utilising this quote, Stephen worked alongside co-writer and upcoming producer Alan Smith (Bellevue Days) at Crunch Studios in Carshalton to write, record and produce this smash hit. “I had the idea of writing about one of the harsh realities of life in that no one is coming, no one. No one is looking for you, no one is going to push you, no one’s going to do it for you – if you want to achieve anything in life, and in particular, go after and realise your dreams, you are going to have to do it for yourself. It’s up to YOU.” ‘Come On (Up for Air)’ is truly a breath of fresh air and is that motivation we all need to stop procrastinating and better ourselves – an essential listen.

“A lush pop rock experience with the kind of appeal that crosses national boundaries, and genres, to render an experience with global reach”. Amelia Vandergast – A&R Factory

Starting out as an ‘antidote to a midlife crisis,’ UK Indie rockers Versonic were formed by frontman and band leader Stephen Connor back in 2018 who’s preference towards picking up a guitar rather than a Ferrari led to the formation of one of the UK’s most promising, uprising bands. The international, award winning singer songwriter Stephen branched out with his new band in the hope of accumulating success in yet a further musical avenue. Exploring the in depth intricacies of the various tones of Britpop, Versonic are distinctly renowned for their cataclysmic guitar riffs, incessantly catchy melodies and huge soundscapes packed into just a few minutes of sheer musical heaven. Their 2018 debut album entitled ‘Brand New Man,’ was not only an uproarious success but also a prominent determiner of what to expect from this impressive group – nothing but good things lie ahead for Versonic.

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