Conal Kelly shares his new psychedelic-pop track ‘Pyromaniac’

‘Pyromaniac’ sees Conal Kelly in a new dimension- blending his crystal-clear production with a more ethereal sound and distant vocals. The super catchy, fast-paced track will certainly keep you on your toes, with twists and turns around every corner. Conal’s glittering, synth melodies are an addictive lesson and it’s impossible not to hit repeat on this exciting new offering.

Discussing the new track, Conal Kelly shares: “The theme of this song was written around a specific type of addiction; not only substance but also a social addiction. With the subject being someone who is addicted to partying and socialising, it intends to convey the feeling of living on a knife’s edge. Always around people, unable to spend any time alone without being deafened with insecurities and anxieties. It was also super quick to write, the whole thing was done within 24 hours (writing, recording, mixing etc), so it came out very naturally. Bit of a push outside of my comfort zone sonically, but not an uncomfortable one.”

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Conal Kelly is an exciting name on the alt-pop scene at the moment and we can expect big things from this Bristol native.

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