Conan Mac experiencing life in ‘Slow Mo’

The British singer-songwriter has become one of the most anticipated artists in the UK. After receiving major press exposure from the highest of publications and industry platforms such as Billboard and BBC, Conan Mac is keeping the momentum going with yet another stunning release, ‘Slow Mo.’

‘Slow Mo’ is a catchy, well-crafted and shameless Pop song that delivers captivating melodies and an overall playful vibe. Yet beneath the surface of the song’s commercial polish is a heartfelt sentiment that forms the basis for this track, propelled forward by Mac’s intoxicating, warm vocals.

Complementing the song’s colourful timbre comes to a sumptuous, eye-popping music video that’s sure to take the world by storm. Memorable for its iridescent paint splashes and vibrant colors that represent the inevitable chaos we attempt to hold back, it’s a viewing experience that promises endless fun, enriched by Mac’s personality which shines through.

Conan Mac is an artist who’s already achieved much success, so if he isn’t on your radar yet, we anticipate that he certainly will be in the months to come. Keep an eye on his discography for fresh and innovative Pop tunes and be sure to watch the official music video for ‘Slow Mo’ below: